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Expand your horizons with TCU Study Abroad in more than 50 countries, plus service-learning trips overseas and internships around the globe. In addition to TCU’s semester, summer and short-term programs, Harris College offers summer opportunities in several locations around the globe.

Summer 2024 Opportunities

Global Perspectives on Health: Dublin, Ireland

Health Justice | May 15-31, 2024

The course examines the social and cultural factors associated with human service delivery systems in Ireland. Social, political and scientific factors are related to health beliefs and practices, so there will be a critical analysis of topics such as abortion, immigration and the impact of religion. Agencies such as the National Council on Women, Amnesty International, and the Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Center will be visited.

Students will also explore areas of the country that include the Wicklow Mountains, Belfast, Northern Ireland and seaside towns.

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Global Perspectives on Health: Madrid, Spain

Expanding Global Health Understanding | May 15-31, 2024

The course examines social and scientific factors related to health beliefs and practices as well as health care delivery systems in Madrid. Various practice sites such as community health clinics, health and fitness facilities, local hospitals and other sites providing healthcare will be visited.

Students will also have the opportunity to explore the culture of the area through food, like tapas, entertainment such as flamenco dancing, and visit nearby villages.

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Global Perspectives on Health: Sydney, Australia

A Communication Health Perspective | May 15-31, 2024

Exploration of the land down under will enhance the students’ learning and growth as they visit universities and a variety of practice sites to explore how evidence-based practice is used in assessing and treating children and adults who have communication disorders. Cultural diversity and issues of health advocacy will be explored as students visit different areas of Sydney and Canberra, the capital of Australia.

Students will also visit attractions like the Sydney Opera House, take an Aboriginal Walking Tour and participate in a Bondi to Coogee Walk.

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Global Perspectives on Health: London, England

Health Care Beliefs & Practice | June 3-19, 2024

This course aims to give the students a historical and current view of the United Kingdom’s healthcare system. Under the guidance of local healthcare officials, nurses and doctors in different hospital settings, students explore different aspects of healthcare delivery, health and social policy and practice. Students will also gain an understanding of how culture, diet and lifestyle contribute to lived environments and systems of health.

Students will be exposed to the UK-lived experience and visit places like Old St. Thomas’ Operating Theatre, the Florence Nightingale Museum, Stonehenge & Bath, and Windsor & Eton.

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“Who would have thought a first-generation college student from a low socioeconomic (SES) family would ever have traveled across the sea to experience a summer full of adventure and learning for a graduate program? I feel so blessed to have been able to experience this with my peers who have now become lifelong family. This trip has allowed for us to grow in friendship, but also in respect for our practice. I have had an amazing time.”
“This course helped to give me a broader and more holistic view of speech and language.”
“This was an amazing experience I will never forget! I loved how the course was set up where we were able to visit actual hospitals and centers. I also thought it was great that trips to cultural sites in London and Edinburgh were planned for us, and planned very well.”