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The Miller Clinic’s services are led by a team of licensed clinical professionals and instructors, who guide both undergraduate and graduate students at TCU in assessing and treating individuals facing challenges in speech, language, hearing or swallowing.


Offering diverse diagnostic audiological services for clients of all ages, from infants to adults, services encompass hearing screening, audiological evaluations, immittance and otoacoustic emission testing, along with speech audiometry.

This clinic offers therapy services for children and adults with hearing loss. For children, the services include training in listening and spoken language, while for adults with hearing loss, the focus is on listening, lip reading and communication skills training. Clients using hearing aids, cochlear implants or other listening devices participate in audiological rehabilitation services.

Unlike typical methods for fixing speech errors, biofeedback provides instant feedback on both correct and incorrect aspects of sound production. This is achieved by visually observing the movements of your tongue inside the mouth.

This clinic offers services to help individuals correct speech sound errors. We collaborate closely with our research lab, B.E.S.T. Lab, to gather research data on speech sound production and treatment. Using biofeedback technologies like ultrasound imaging and electropalatography, we provide personalized feedback to clients for accurate correction of speech sound errors.


Clients undergo a thorough assessment of speech, language and cognition. The assessment results guide the creation of personalized treatments tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses. Treatment, whether individual or in small groups, is based on the client's needs. Additionally, clients may be assigned home activities to further enhance communication improvement.

Offered by, both monolingual and bilingual individuals, services include assessment and treatment for Spanish-speaking and bilingual adults with speech, language and/or cognitive issues, as well as services for those seeking to modify their regional or foreign accent. While an accent is not considered a speech or language impairment, our speech-language pathologists use their expertise to adjust articulation and language intonation to change an accent.

Assess and treat children aged 18 months to 18 years who have speech, language, neurological and cognitive impairments through a various comprehensive intervention, including individual and group sessions.

Services for adults, children and their families include evaluations and treatment for stuttering. After an initial assessment, personalized treatment options are determined to meet individual needs.

The Voice Clinic specializes in helping people with speaking or singing voice difficulties. Individuals undergo a thorough evaluation, including laryngeal function studies and imaging. After the assessment, patients receive a summary of the findings with recommendations for voice therapy, if needed. If not previously seen by an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor), a referral is made before starting therapy. Treatment is tailored to the patient's diagnosis and issues, using both traditional techniques and modern computerized equipment to improve voice function and quality.


Camp Leap is a free language and literacy summer program for early elementary children (Pre-K through 4th grade) with speech, language and/or reading delays.

Thanks to the Fort Worth Scottish Rite Foundation’s generous contribution, we’ bring children’s literature to life through interactive learning stations and special thematic events.

  1. Pre-Readers Group is for children who need to work on their early literacy skills crucial for kindergarten success.
  2. Emerging Readers Group is for children entering 1st and 2nd grade and works to improve reading fluency and decoding.
  3. Reader Group is for children entering 3rd grade and focuses on enhances reading comprehension and written composition.

Registration for the camp opens in February. Please check back for registration link and details.

Enrolled campers will have the option to receive a free literacy screening assessment the week prior to camp.

The Early Childhood Speech & Language Classrooms cater to children needing more focused therapy than individual sessions can offer. Customized treatment plans address each child's communication needs. The clinic also offers parent meetings linked to preschool groups offer valuable information and guidance for continued support at home. Two class levels are available:

Level I
This classroom is for three-year-old children with emerging language skills. It includes both group and individual therapy, with play-based group sessions focusing on vocabulary, phonological awareness, literacy, play and social skills.
The classroom meets Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 -11:00 a.m. with a clinician-client ratio of 1:1 or 1:2.

Level II
This classroom is for four- and five-year-old children. It includes both group and individual therapy aimed to prepare children for kindergarten, featuring a systematic curriculum for one hour focused on emergent literacy and language skills with the remaining 30 minutes allocated for individual therapy.

The classroom meets Monday and Wednesday 1-2:30 p.m.


For more information about clinical services at the Miller Speech and Hearing Clinic, contact:

Sheila Speak
Clinical Administrative Assistant
817-257-7620 (office)
817-257-5692 (fax)