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Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences Research announces the 2019-2020 Faculty Research Symposium Series. The series kicks off on Friday, September 20, Noon to 1:15 p.m. in Kelly Alumni Center. Lunch will be served. Please invite other faculty and students to come and listen to the presentation. RSVP by the Tuesday before each event. Series Line-up: Fridays, 12:00-1:15 p.m. 

Fall, 2019  

Sept. 20: Kelly Alumni Center, Cox A

  • Dr. Debbie Rhea (Associate Dean): What’s new for Harris College Research?

October 11:  Bass 1207, 1213

  • Dr. Debbie Rhea, Dave Farbo, and Laura Maler (KINE): Health disease trends in children: Is unstructured play reversing the trend?

November 15:  Kelly Alumni Center, Cox C

  • Dr. James Petrovich & Dr. Mary Twis (SOWO).  A Community Assessment of Homeless Assistant Provider Trainings, Workplace Stress, and the Work Environment.


Spring, 2020

January 24: Kelly Alumni Center, Cox C

  • Dr. Teresa Drulia (COSD):  Swallowing Safely in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

February 21:  Kelly Alumni Center, Cox C

  • Dr. Lisa Bashore (NURS):  Successful Transition to Adult Care for Childhood Cancer Survivors

March 20:  Kelly Alumni Center, Cox A

  • Dr. Hope Jackson (NURS):  African American women and cardiovascular disease


2019 HCNHS Faculty Publications

Please click here for a detailed list of publications from HCNHS faculty members for 2019.

Updates on HCNHS Research Events

Regretfully, but for the best, we are cancelling the following events:
Lunch & Learn-March 27th
HCNHS Boller Presentations-April 8th
Student Research Symposium-April 16th
Achievement Banquet-April 23rd

Congratulations to the 2020 HCNHS 3MT award winners!

The award winners for the 2020 Harris College 3MT are:

1st place: Laura Ridings – COSD – mentor: Dr. Emily Lund
2nd place: Bailey Sullivan – KINE – mentor: Dr. Debbie Rhea
People’s choice award: Noelle Tomsic – COSD – mentor: Dr. Emily Lund

These three award winners will move on to compete at the University level, date and time TBD.
Congratulations to all students who competed in this years event!

Call for Proposals: TCU Invests in Scholarship (TCU IS)

Letter of intent due: Friday, February 28th 2020.
Application submission due: Wednesday, April 1st 2020.
Click here for additional information, guidelines and submission format.

HCNHS Boller Presentations

HCNHS Competition: Wednesday, April 8th from 12:00pm-3:30pm
University Competition: Wednesday, April 15th from 12:00pm-5:00pm
For more information, please click here

New Journal: Registered Reports in Kinesiology

Kinesiology’s own Andreas Kreutzer and his colleagues have launched a brand new journal titled “Registered Reports in Kinesiology”, which is now accepting submissions for publication.  More information on the journal and how to submit an original manuscript as well as an explanation of why we need registered reports can be found through the links below.

Registered Reports in Kinesiology Information
What are registered reports?



Dr. Kathryn Ellis: (NURS), “Nurse Faculty Loan Program.”  Awarded funding of $795,307 from Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), May. 2020.

Dr. Carol Howe: (NURS), “Innovate to communicate: Health literacy workforce development.”  Awarded funding of $39,425 from National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Apr. 2020

Dr. Lisette Saleh: (NURS), “Exploring labor and delivery nurse childbirth and labor support attitudes and behaviors.”  Awarded funding of $2,000 from Alma and Robert D. Moreton research award, Feb. 2020.

Dr. Debbie Rhea: (KINE), “The LiiNK Project.”  Awarded funding of $120,000 from Sid Richardson Foundation, Dec. 2019.

Dr. Emily Lund: (COSD), “Early Language and Literacy Acquisition in Children with Hearing Loss.”  Awarded funding of $144,398 from NIH-NIDCD, Nov. 2019

Dr. Carol Howe: (NURS), “Is Your Weblitlegit? Helping Teens Discern Health Information Truth from Trash on the Internet.”  Awarded funding of $4,944 from UNTHSC/NIH-NLM, Nov. 2019.

For overall success, please see the Research Dashboard which can be found in the About Research page.


2020 HCNHS 3MT

The award winners for the 2020 Harris College 3MT are:

1st place: Laura Ridings – COSD – mentor: Dr. Emily Lund

2nd place: Bailey Sullivan – KINE – mentor: Dr. Debbie Rhea

People’s choice award: Noelle Tomsic – COSD – mentor: Dr. Emily Lund

2019 P.h.D. Student Presentations

Congratulations to our first group of PhD students who presented their research at national conferences this past spring and summer.

Matthew Dumican: (COSD), “Hyolaryngeal musculature activation in response to a respiratory resistance device”.  Dysphagia Research Society (DRS) 27th Annual Meeting, 2019.

Zoe Thijs: (COSD), “Perceptual assessment of phonation in speakers with Parkinson’s Disease”.  The Voice Foundation’s 48th Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice, 2019.

David Farbo: (KINE), “The effects of unstructured play on listening effort in elementary schools”.  The U.S. Play Coalition Conference, 2019.

Andreas Kreutzer: (KINE), “Head trauma biomarkers in NCAA men’s soccer athletes over the course of a season”.  American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, 2019.

Beth Rogers: (NURS), “An IV fluid experience they will never forget”.  National League for Nursing Education Summit, 2019 .

2019 HCNHS Student Research Symposium Winners

Undergraduate winners:

1st place Paige Browning-KINE

2nd place  Joel Petri-KINE

3rd place  Morgan Vachio-COSD

4th place Katelyn Jones-NURS

Graduate winners:

1st place Spencer Evans-SOWO

2nd place  Morgan Thielman-SOWO

3rd place  Julie Van Orne-CNL

4th place Lauren Hunsicker-SOWO


2019 HCNHS Boller Award

Congratulations to Emily Dickson (COSD) for 1st place in HCNHS Boller Presentations.