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The TCU Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Fellowship and the TCU Center for Collaborative Practice is now under combined leadership. Diana Singer, Ph. D., was named director of the Center for Collaborative Practice, as well as the coordinator of the EBP Fellowship.

“With rich ties to TCU and the health care community in Dallas-Fort Worth, I am excited to join an incredible faculty and empower interprofessional team members to lead their organizations in evidence-based practice,” Singer said. “I look forward to continuing the exceptional legacy of this program.”

Diana Singer, Ph. D., headshot
Diana Singer, Ph. D., director of the Center for Collaborative Practice and coordinator of the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Fellowship.

The Center for Collaborative Practice is housed under the Health Innovation Institute in Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences. The center works to make implementing practice changes easier by providing assistance and support to community partners.

“I have known Diana for many years, and have immense respect for her knowledge, skills and positive attitude as well as her unwavering commitment to excellence,” said Susan Mace Weeks, Ph. D., vice provost, professor and executive director of the Health Innovation Institute at TCU. “Diana has a deep passion for supporting health care professionals seeking to provide excellent patient care. Her current full-time role has a significant interprofessional focus, and I look forward to her ability to help us continue to expand the interprofessional focus of the EBP Fellowship.”

Singer is currently the executive director for academic affairs for John Peter Smith (JPS) Health Network, where she leads a large team and oversees educational efforts across numerous health care disciplines.

Singer graduated from TCU with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2010 and worked as a critical care nurse at JPS’ level one trauma center upon graduation. From there, she managed the family medicine residency at JPS – the largest in the country – for four years.

To further pursue her interest in innovative educational methods and curriculum development, she returned to TCU and earned a master’s in nursing education in 2018. She subsequently joined Harris College as an adjunct professor. Singer holds national certifications in critical care nursing, nursing education and as a training administrator for graduate medical education. With a passion for innovative interprofessional health care education, Singer earned her doctorate in health sciences from TCU in May. Her dissertation work focused on fostering belongingness in undergraduate nursing students in the clinical learning environment.

Singer has authored several peer-reviewed publications and is a sought-after speaker who has presented across the country on a wide variety of both health care and educational topics.

“I am thrilled to have Diana join our team. I have no doubt Diana will exceed everyone’s hopes and expectations,” said Diane Hawley, a long-serving EBP Fellowship faculty. “She is an extraordinary leader at JPS and well respected among the leadership team there. As a former student of mine, I can assure you Diana’s work ethic is always to go above and beyond.”