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Ashley Palmer TCUA rising number of young Americans are disconnected from work, school and a sense of purpose. Poor mental health and a lack of a financial safety net contribute to rising disconnection.

Assistant Professor of Social Work Ashley Palmer, Ph.D., says disconnected youth fall along a spectrum of connectedness to work and school.

Business Insider highlighted Palmer’s research as is contrasted realities faced by privileged and disadvantaged members of the generation, using personal narratives to illustrate broader socioeconomic trends.

Palmer said that while there's a lack of research in predicting the long-term social and psychological effects of disconnectedness, she suspects a lack of purpose can erode mental and physical health and relationships with friends and community.

When you lack that purpose, it is difficult for you to think about how or in what ways you want to contribute or can contribute to society," Palmer said. “Our society is a relational one where we depend on people to be able to contribute in various ways.”

The story provides a nuanced portrayal of Gen Z in America, showcasing the resilience and aspirations of young adults while underscoring the urgent need for social and economic reform to create a more equitable society.

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