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Matt Tometz TCU Kinesiology

Matt Tometz ’20 was born and raised in the Chicago area. Tometz’ early life was marked by a love for sports, leading him to pursue a major in exercise science, a choice that set him on a path filled with opportunity, learning and, ultimately, a Master of Science in Kinesiology from TCU. 

Tometz’ career took off when he began coaching at a private facility specializing in speed development. Today, he is a performance coach at Northwestern University, a role that encompasses his passion for sports and his commitment to fostering athletic excellence.  

But there’s one thing that separates Tometz from other sports scientists – while the rest of us were perfecting our banana bread recipes, he used the opportunity offered by the COVID-19 pandemic to launch a massive career as a sports and athletics educational content creator.  

Matt TometzThriving Under Pressure

At TCU, amidst the Department of Kinesiology’s connections with multiple sports teams, Tometz carved a niche for himself working closely with football, baseball, women's tennis and beach volleyball teams.  

In the bustling lead-up to the beach volleyball season, he faced an unexpected curveball: his boss departed abruptly, leaving just three weeks before the first game of the season. Suddenly under pressure, Tometz stepped up to the plate, jumping into a leadership role.  

“I had three weeks to prepare for the season, build our database, handle traveling, meet with the coaches as the sport scientist on staff and conduct data collection for my thesis. I had plenty of support and encouragement, but most of the day-to-day tasks were on me,” said Tometz. 

His dedication not only allowed him to travel with teams but also to embark on an academic journey that saw him getting published in the prestigious Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.  

“I learned when you have a goal, if you educate yourself and develop a plan, and if you relentlessly pursue it, you can achieve most things you set your mind to,” remarked Tometz.

Matt TometzGrowing a Platform

In 2016, Tometz was inspired by Eric Cressey, a sports content creator, to create his own blog. In 2019, he started his own podcast called “The Talking Shop” where he shares stories, lessons and experiences about sports performance and professional development. Since then, Tometz has amassed 11.3K Instagram followers, 30K TikTok followers and 4.9K YouTube subscribers.

This social media presence has grown his entrepreneurship, helping athletes become stronger, faster and more powerful. His approach to sharing fitness knowledge not only stems from a passion for personal growth but also from a desire to innovate in how this information is conveyed to his following.  

“There’s something about truly enjoying learning and evolving my own knowledge, but the creativity in finding different ways to share it with others really clicked in my brain,” explains Tometz.

TCU’s Lasting Impact

In reflecting on his multifaceted journey through sports, academia and entrepreneurship, Tometz underscores the significance of hands-on, real-world experience.  

“Hands down the most valuable thing I’ve done so far for my career and content is being a full-time coach.”  

This insight not only sheds light on the importance of practical experience but also serves as a testament to the transformative power of dedicated mentorship and leadership in shaping one's path.

Because of TCU, Tometz had the opportunity to expand his knowledge and growth by immersing himself in various teams through the kinesiology department.

In addition to contributing to Tometz’s professional growth, TCU nurtured his ability to take initiative.  

“TCU helped me become even more of a self-starter ... being challenged not only in advanced coursework, but in expectations from professors to handle my own stuff and perform well helped me become better.”

Matt Tometz

Looking Back to Look Ahead

Tometz bridges the journey behind him with the path that lies ahead.  

“Sports have helped make me who I am, giving me incredible stories I’ll share for the rest of my life; experiences I’m extremely proud of which now give me the opportunity to pay it forward to others.”