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Kate Webb TCU

As commencement approaches, Harris College graduates reflect on their time at TCU, each one carrying a unique narrative of growth, challenges and triumphs. From the bustling corridors of the classroom to the quiet intensity of preparing for their dissertations, they have honed their skills, forged lasting bonds and emerged as confident leaders in their fields.

Meet Kate Webb, a Ph.D. in Health Sciences student with an emphasis in kinesiology.


Why did you choose your area of study?

I have been working in kinesiology and the health sciences for over 20 years. Upon completing my masters's degree in physical education in 2003, I have been an education director for a Christian adventure camp, a head track and field coach and teacher, and a sport performance specialist. My career has centered around the health, fitness and wellness of all age groups, but especially children through young adults. I chose my area of study because increasing the health and wellness of others is my passion.

Kate Webb TCUWhat brought you to TCU?

I live in the area, and once I learned of the new Ph.D. in Health Sciences program, I contacted TCU and was connected with Debbie Rhea, Ph.D. Her passion for increasing the health and wellness of children greatly aligned with mine, and she became my mentor.

Kate Webb TCUHow did the Ph.D. in Health Sciences program help prepare you for your future career?

This program has helped me develop skills as a research scientist. I have been blessed in my career to have the opportunity for program design, leadership and put kinesiology skills into practice. I was, however, lacking as a researcher. This program gave me the opportunity to continue to practice those design, leadership and kinesiology skills, but most importantly enabled me to become a research scientist.

What are your plans after graduation?

I would love to enter higher education as a professor and have applied to several positions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. My long-team goals include designing  health and wellness programs that will benefit children in school districts across the country. 

Tell us about your proudest accomplishment while at TCU.

My proudest accomplishment at TCU was completing the degree. I am a wife and a mother of four young children. I tried very hard to give my family quality time in the midst of this degree because these are very special family years that I will not get back. Due to this, I spent many late nights, early mornings, and somewhat sacrificed my health to make sure family and school were not sacrificed. I am so thankful to have such a supportive husband who helped fill gaps and pick up extra loads so I could earn this degree. I am thankful, also, to my Lord, Jesus, who gave me the strength when I thought there was none left.

I want to encourage anyone who is doing a challenging task, that the largest mountains are climbed one step at a time, and that thankfulness is the foundation of joy in the midst of the challenges.

Kate Webb TCU