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hospital beds
Eight TCU Nursing hospital beds were donated and shipped to Nigeria for Vision Africa.

Eight hospital beds were donated to Vision Africa, a faith-based organization whose primary mission field is Nigeria, for the benefit of Agnes Onuoha Memorial Hospital, scheduled to open later this year.

“We appreciate your faithful support and we hope your participation in healing blesses you as it will bless so many others,” said Executive Director of Vision Africa, Cindy Woods.

“This generous donation of beds brings us very close to full capacity so that when our doors open later this year, we can admit the maximum number of patients who desperately need medical care. These beds will absolutely save lives, and, for that, we give thanks to God and to TCU Nursing.”

Vision Africa primarily focuses on disease prevention and treatment, pre- and post-natal care, vision and eye health, medications and overall well-being. It has made accessible medical care a pillar of its mission. In the early days, medical missions were combined with church plants, so that medical care was offered during the day and revival-style church services were held in the cooler evenings. Regular medical missions have been held every year of their ministry to reach communities with no other health care options.

“Across Africa, quality health care is often inaccessible,” explained Dr. Suzy Lockwood, associate dean for nursing and nurse anesthesia. “The opportunity for TCU Nursing to provide beds will have a tremendous impact on the level of health care available for this Nigerian community.”

hospital bed being pushed on campus
TCU faculty help load donated hospital beds that will be shipped to Nigeria.

The Agnes Onuoha Memorial Hospital, nearing completion in rural southeast Nigeria, has a 50-bed inpatient capacity and will serve a regional population of more than 50,000 currently without access to medical care. It will also have a research arm headed by renowned physicians Dr. Greg Fitz and Dr. Roger Bedimo of UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. The doctors will lead data collection and infectious disease studies that they hope will inform research worldwide.

“Our simulation center, the Health Professions Learning Center (HPLC), is grateful for the opportunity to provide this gift to support the mission of Vision Africa and TCU Nursing’s vision to advance the health of all,” explained Laura Thielke, HPLC director and assistant professor of professional practice in Nursing.

The in-kind donation of eight hospital beds with mattresses was suggested by TCU Nursing leadership after new beds were purchased for the Foundations Lab in the Health Professions Learning Center located at the Annie Richardson Bass Building of Harris College.

TCU Nursing receives donations of equipment and supplies from other organizations to be used for education, so they understand the need for and the benefits that come from these types of donations.

“We hope to offer TCU students and alumni opportunities to be involved in research that can help eradicate debilitating diseases, reduce infant and maternal mortality rates and prevent and mitigate pandemics,” said Woods. “In addition, we hope to bring nutrition education to communities that will improve overall health and offer cross-cultural learning and training. In short, we dream of a partnership that will impact global medicine, change lives, and save lives. And we can’t imagine a more powerful experience than that,” said Woods.